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Type Manhwa

Myst, Might, Mayhem

Synopsis Myst, Might, Mayhem

[By the studio that brought you <Solo Leveling> and Same Author that brought you <Nano Machine, and Absolute Sword Sense!]
Jeong, the Slaughtering Scythe Demon, feels joy in killing others. He happens to look just like Mok Gyeongwoon, the third young master of the Mok Sword Manor… “If you pretend to be me and live my life. I will let you out of this prison.” “Will you really give me that chance?” Slash Kill the third young master and live his life pretending to be him. Will the fake Mok Gyeongwoon survive this life? The serial killer begins his new life as the third young master of the great Mok Sword Manor.





Author Hanjoong Wolya/ Mad Bird
Artist Redice Studio/ Kim Taehyung
Posted On: March 4, 2024
Updated On: June 18, 2024
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